G P - C R sheets

Abhishek Ispat Pvt. Ltd is a leading name in the field of G P sheets or galvanized polycarbonate sheets. The sheets are tested for their quality before they are despatched to the customers. Abhishek Ispat Pvt. Ltd. is a highly reputed company in trading and supply of G P or C R sheets. The company maintains high quality standard for all its products and is known to supply only the G P sheets that are manufactured by leading companies.

The G P sheets are mainly outdoors. They are used for signboards, hoardings, industrial purposes such as air conditioning ducts and electric control panels.

They are also used for various household products such as trunks, tubs, dustbins and some storage units. The G P sheets are used for furniture and fixture such as desks, lockers, and racks; they are used in automobile industry for cars, bus, truck bodies, and undercarriage works. The company offers G P sheets in various thicknesses, length, weight, grade and colour in some cases. They are available in some attractive colours.

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