M S round

Abhishek Ispat Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent trader and supplier of M S rounds in the industry. The company is known for its standards of high quality. It conducts through testing of all its products before they are finally despatched to the customers. As the company maintains high standard in quality, it has gained high reputation in the market. The company is known for maintain international quality standards. Abhishek Ispat Pvt. Ltd is also known for supplying the mild steel rounds manufactured only the leading manufacturers that manufacture M S rounds in line with the industry standards.

The M. S. Rounds supplied by Abhishek Ispat are use for manufacture of storage tanks, boilers, railway wagons, and pressure vessels. They are also used for steel structures, ships, and large diameter pipes as well. The important dimensions of the mild steel are changed and customized to meet the requirements of customers. The specifications that can be changed to meet customer requirements include length, grades, thickness, and weight.

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